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June 18 - June 24

Kenyon Summer Seminar

A Day In the Life


8 a.m.

Breakfast at Peirce Hall

9 a.m.

Morning Seminar Class Time

 Courses Offered:

 "Seeing the World: Travel and Travel Writing" (P. F. Kluge)

 "Rousseau and the Enlightenment" (Pamela K. Jensen)

 "The Age of Discovery: A Never-Ending Quest" (Laurence Bergreen)

 "The Real Amadeus: Mozart and the Enlightenment" (Jan Swafford)

 "The Still Life as Personal Metaphor" (Martin Garhart)

10 a.m.

Suggested Pairings events (hikes, fitness classes, bike rides, tours)


Lunch in Peirce Hall

1 p.m.

Afternoon Seminar Class Time

 Courses Offered:

 "The Romantic Poets and Us" (Priscilla Gilman)

 "Fashion and Illusion: Understanding History Through the Costumes We Create" (Joan Juliet Buck)

 "Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil, And Where That Left Us" (Fred Baumann)

 "Roosevelt, Churchill and Hitler: Three Wartime Leaders and Their Legacy" (Stephen Knott)

 "Rock ‘n’ Roll as History, History as Rock ‘n’ Roll" (Rich Cohen)

2 p.m.

Suggested Pairings events (hikes, fitness classes, bike rides, tours)

4:30 p.m.

Faculty Lecture, followed by wine and cheese

6 p.m.

Dinner in Peirce Hall

7:30 p.m.

Evening Activities (wine tasting at the Brown Family Environmental Center, Mozart concert, films, coffee house, and more!)