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June 16 - June 23

Summer Seminar

The 2017 Program: Great Books, Great Eras

Spend a week with your favorite period in history, illuminated by great books, guest authors, and lively discussions around the seminar table. It is an education vacation like no other, waiting for you on one of the world’s most beautiful college campuses.

Experience the wonder of the Enlightenment with Mozart. Get to know the masterminds behind World War II, or the explorers who charted the New World. See a favorite subject—the world of travel, Romantic poetry, fashion throughout history, or the philosophy of Nietzsche—as a prime mover in history. Or take a deep dive into a new experience: learning to draw still life and understanding its life metaphors.

You will be guided by brilliant professors with a passion for learning and authors expert in their fields who will be teaching from their recently published books. In small seminars with like-minded adult learners, you will discuss concepts that challenge you, language that inspires you, and questions that remain profoundly relevant. And you will have plenty of time to read, write, relax, and socialize on a campus renowned for its beauty.

Seminars are offered for three hours in morning and afternoon sessions, and you can choose one—or two. Once you have registered, we will provide an advance reading list so you will be ready for the learning and conversation to come. During your free time, you can choose from daily films and lectures, hiking and recreational opportunities, wine tastings and more. At dinner, you will be able to meet the professors and participants from other seminars in the private Kenyon Institute club where a catered buffet awaits.

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