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Living at Kenyon

Participants live in Kenyon's new air-conditioned townhouse apartments, which include private rooms and a full kitchen and living/dining area shared with three other workshop participants. Built in 2011 and 2012, the townhouses are Kenyon's newest and most modern residences, located just five minutes on foot from the center of campus. Discounts are available for double occupancy in the same room by two Beyond Walls participants.

Dining and the Community

You will enjoy three meals daily in Kenyon's recently restored historic Peirce Hall, featuring an extensive farm-to-table local foods program. Each night, participants will gather for a joint dinner. In Gambier Village, opportunities range from fine dining at the Kenyon Inn's restaurant and bar to informal fare at the Village Inn and Wiggin Street Coffee. The full-service Village Market makes cooking in the apartment easy, and the Institute will also host gatherings during the week.


Kosher Meals

Kenyon College’s Rothenberg Hillel House, which includes a kosher kitchen and dining area, is available for meal service for those who wish to observe kosher. A Friday night Shabbat service and meal that meets kosher standards will be offered to the entire Beyond Walls participant group. For special requests or questions related to Shabbat observances, please email or call 740-427-5250.


Directions and What to Bring

For arrival and departure information, what to bring, and more details about dining and accommodations, click here.