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The Institute’s intensive writing programs assist professionals in becoming more proficient and expressive writers in their professional fields, all under the guidance of top industry professionals: award-winning playwrights, recognized authors and journalists, published scientists, and respected scholars. The Summer Seminar week offers opportunities for personal development in the study of great books and important new publications exploring great eras in history and deeper understanding of the arts, culture and our world.

June 7 — June 9

Kenyon Institute in Biomedical and Scientific Writing

A boot camp for doctoral students, M.D./Ph.D. candidates, and post-docs with the goal of leaving with publishable journal articles and grants.

June 11 — June 17

Kenyon Playwrights Conference

An intensive playwriting workshop led by literary managers and commissioned playwrights from the Old Vic, Roundabout Theatre Company and Seattle's ACT Theatre.

June 18 — June 24

Kenyon Summer Seminar

Explore great eras in history—World War II, the Enlightenment, the voyages of discovery—alongside intriguing journeys into the worlds of travel writing, fashion, poetry and more.

July 9 — July 15

Beyond Walls: Spiritual Writing at Kenyon

Designed for clergy, spiritual directors, and lay leaders to reach beyond their congregations with op-eds, blogs, social media, and the best tools of Christian and Jewish writing traditions.