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Science Researchers Post Publication Gains After Institute Training

October 13, 2016

Publishing research in scientific journals is essential for researchers; it’s a crucial way to share research gains and is critically important to career success. In 2013, the Kenyon Institute in Biomedical and Scientific Writing (KIBSW) premiered its three-day intensive writing workshop to help biomedical researchers improve their writing skills and hone articles for future submission. Did the training make a difference? A four-year review of pre- and post-workshop publication rates points to success.

Using the PubMed database, the Institute compared participants’ publication totals two years prior to the workshop and two years after. Overall, publications among all researchers increased by 18 percent. The majority of participants sustained (28%) or increased (37%) the number of articles they published after the workshop. Those who increased their publication output showed remarkable productivity, growing from an average of 1.7 articles during the two years prior to the workshop to an average of 5.1 publications two years after.

Participants in the workshop were drawn from hospitals and medical schools throughout the nation, and included clinicians and researchers completing MD/Ph.D. training and junior faculty members. Nationwide Children’s Hospital, a participating institution since the program’s inception, had one of the largest cohorts over the program’s four years; among those participants, publication rates grew an impressive 43 percent in the two years following the workshop. NCH participants who had not previously published showed the strongest gain, publishing an average of 4.8 papers within two years of attending the workshop.

“We saw particularly strong gains among researchers who were new to publication,” commented KIBSW Director Christopher Gillen. “Our mission is to provide promising researchers with more than one improved article—we hoped they would leave our program with the tools to show sustained publication success. We’re impressed with the gains they are experiencing.”

The Kenyon Institute in Biomedical and Scientific Writing will present its fifth summer workshop June 7-9, 2017, on the Kenyon College campus in Gambier, OH. The Institute also offers one-day on-site programs at hospitals and medical schools focusing on key skills in medical journal article and grant narrative development and writing mentorship. 

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