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Institute Celebrates Fifth Anniversary Year

October 13, 2016

June 2017 will mark the fifth season of the Kenyon Institute, an array of programs for adults who seek to become better writers in their professional fields, and who are interested in life-long learning through literature. More than 400 people participated in the Institute’s 2016 programs on and off campus.

Launched in 2013 after two years of study commissioned by the Kenyon College Board of Trustees, the Institute reinforces Kenyon’s historic strengths in writing and the liberal arts experience. Its writing programs bring top industry professionals and Kenyon College faculty together to offer an intensive writing experience that helps writers respond to the communication demands of their fields.

“We hope each of our programs addresses a chronic industry problem that writing can solve,” commented Director Sarah Kahrl. “Plays are often rushed to the stage without the opportunity to be heard and revised. Scientists tell us that writing is an essential, but often overlooked, skill in bringing their discoveries to the world. And clergy of all denominations find that online communication is essential in an age when traditional congregations may be shrinking. This led us to our mission: To help writers survive in, thrive in, and transform their professional worlds.”

Three signature writing programs have partnered with world-class partners at the Institute:

Bringing the Kenyon liberal arts experience to alumni, parents, and other adult learners is also part of the Kenyon Institute mission. One of the first programs offered at the Institute, the Summer Seminar has offered 44 courses led by Kenyon College faculty and distinguished writers that offer a small-group seminar exploration of some of the world’s greatest literature as well as hands-on experiences in fields as diverse as the culinary arts and drawing. The week-long “education vacation” includes films, lectures, workshops, and social events that have drawn hundreds of participants. In January 2017, the Institute will offer its first Kenyon Institute in New York, a one-day taste of the Institute seminar experience.

Registration for summer 2017 opens Oct. 18 for all programs at

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