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What you didn’t know about Columbus, Magellan and Marco Polo: Biographer Bergreen Casts a Light on the ‘Age of Discovery’

April 5

Leading a Summer Seminar course this June on “The Age of Discovery: A Never-Ending Quest” will be one of the world’s leading chroniclers of exploration—Laurence Bergreen. In his June 18-24 course, Bergreen will cast legendary explorers Magellan, Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus in a new light, delving into the interconnections of their journeys, their influence on global politics and trade, and the enduring successes—and failures—of their voyages.

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United for Writing

March 7

At its Feb. 7 meeting in New York, the Kenyon Review Board of Trustees approved a proposal from Kenyon College to incorporate management of the Kenyon Institute and its programs into Kenyon Review operations.

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