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About The Institute

The Kenyon Institute is a place of possibility for adults seeking to become more proficient and expressive writers in their professional fields and those seeking to expand their intellectual horizons. We offer professional and personal enrichment in an environment that inspires contemplation and interchange.

For professional development.

Kenyon College has long been known for teaching excellence in writing. The Institute expands that reputation to include intensive workshops in playwriting, biomedical and scientific writing, and spiritual writing.

Distinguished authors, editors, and academic leaders conduct the seminars and set aside one-on-one time with students. Daily lectures and master classes complement the seminars. Yet the heart of the Institute experience is the time to write, to create new work every day to share with peers and professionals for feedback and exploration of the individual’s unique writing voice.

For personal growth.

Called “the ideal education vacation,” by participants, the Summer Seminar is one week of courses taught by highly regarded Kenyon professors and guest authors on a variety of subjects.

This year’s Summer Seminar, “Great Books, Great Eras,” includes 10 courses exploring great books, ranging from masterworks by Rousseau, the Romantic Poets, and Nietzsche, to seminars in which participants read and experience fascinating eras and experiences—World War II, the Enlightenment, popular culture in the 20th century, the world of travel—through original works taught by their authors, supplemented with music, films, and daily lectures. Every day also includes opportunities to relax and have fun at concerts, hikes, wine-tastings, canoeing, and more.

For everyone.

Kenyon’s hilltop campus, set among the rolling hills of the Central Ohio farmland, provides the ideal environment for intellectual exploration. In this beautiful setting, each day offers the opportunity for quiet reading, engaging conversation with new friends over coffee, the excitement of a lively seminar, a walk through the village of Gambier on a serene summer evening—a self-guided tour through a week of relaxation and learning.