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About The Kenyon Institute

To write with mastery. To learn with joy.

For a week on one of the world’s most beautiful college campuses, the Kenyon Review Writer's Workshops immerse you in an intellectual experience that can be profound, both personally and professionally. Time to write, excellent instructors, personal feedback, inspiring colleagues—the Kenyon Review Writer's Workshops an opportunity for transformation.


Kenyon Review Expands Summer Programs with Kenyon Institute

This past February, the Kenyon Review Board of Trustees voted to approve a proposal from Kenyon College to incorporate the programs and management of the Kenyon Institute into the Kenyon Review’s operations. In the months following this decision, the staffs of the Kenyon Review and the Kenyon Institute collaborated to ensure all Kenyon Institute programs ran smoothly and successfully alongside the Kenyon Review’s writers workshops during the summer of 2017. These months also proved useful for the Kenyon Review team to learn the structures of the Kenyon Institute’s programs and how they align with the Kenyon Review’s commitment to “nurturing, publishing, and celebrating the best in contemporary writing,” as well as “expanding the community of diverse readers and writers, across the globe, at every stage of their lives.”

This expansion allows the Kenyon Review to offer one of the largest and most diverse summer writing programs for adults and high school students in the country. David Lynn, the David Banks Editor of the Kenyon Review noted, “The Kenyon Review’s long-range aspirations include development of programs that promote writing across a broad range of genres and purposes, so the opportunity to bring on the well-established Kenyon Institute program was a perfect opportunity for us.”

“Kenyon is known world-wide for its excellence in writing and literature because of the Kenyon Review’s seventy-five years of literary excellence,” said Kenyon President Sean Decatur.  “Both the Review and the Institute have developed remarkable partnerships with leading authors and institutions that enrich the life of the College and extend its impact to high school students and adult audiences.”

As a result of the hard work done by all sides during this merger, the Kenyon Review’s 2018 summer program offerings now include not only their genre-specific writing workshops, but also nature writing, spiritual writing, translation, hybrid, summer seminars and a playwrights conference. Registration for all Kenyon Review summer programs opens in January. More information is available on the Kenyon Review website.

Our Programs

Registration for our 2018 programs will begin in January 2018

June 10 — June 16

Kenyon Playwrights Conference

An intensive playwriting workshop led by literary managers and commissioned playwrights from the Old Vic, Roundabout Theatre Company and Seattle's ACT Theatre.

June 16 — June 23

Summer Seminar

Explore great eras in history—World War II, the Enlightenment, the voyages of discovery—alongside intriguing journeys into the worlds of travel writing, fashion, film and more.

July 7 — July 14

Spiritual Writing at Kenyon

Designed for clergy, spiritual directors, and lay leaders to reach beyond their congregations with op-eds, blogs, social media, and the best tools of Christian and Jewish writing traditions.

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